At my birthday house party in 2013, my best friend Jojo Dancer who was DJing asked me to take over cuz he had to pee.  He taught me how to DJ in 2 minutes.  Once I started playing, people went nuts.  I haven't looked back.  I'd like to thank my cousin DJ C-Note for teaching me how to DJ 'from scratch', and other friends like DJ Bobbito Garcia and DJ Spinna for giving me some amazing advice.


Where I've DJ'd:

Toronto Maple Leafs Game (Scotiabank Arena)

Funkbox NYC (Cielo)

Chocolate Jungle (MTL)

Twitter #HereWeAre 

NDP Leadership 2017 (Jagmeet Singh's historical win)

Design Exchange's EDIT Opening Night party, Pulse

FENTY Beauty Toronto Launch (Sephora)

AGO First Thursdays

Soho House NYE

Cold Tea Bar

Fringe Manila

Ms. Gee (Makati, Philippines)

Harbourfront Centre

Woodbine Racetrack

Sous Bas (Hamilton, Ontario)


Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique

Daniels Spectrum

Manifesto Festival

Eric Andre's Private Party @ Bambii


What kind of music do I play?

I like to play GOOD MUSIC.  Whether it's R&B, Electro, Hip Hop (old and new), Trap, Disco, Soulful House, Alternative, Classics, Pop, I find what we all may have in common and go from there.  When you book me, not only expect to hear good 'chunes' but expect to feel some infectious v i b e s that will make you want to dance and say 'WOOH'!

For Inquiries: flyladydi.info@gmail.com (647) 284-1701