At my birthday house party in 2013, my best friend Jojo Dancer who was DJing asked me to take over cuz he had to pee.  He taught me how to DJ in 2 minutes.  Once I started playing, people went nuts.  I haven't looked back.  I'd like to thank my cousin DJ C-Note for teaching me how to DJ 'from scratch', and other friends like DJ Bobbito Garcia and DJ Spinna for giving me some amazing advice.


Where I've DJ'd before:


Soho House

Cold Tea Bar

Harbourfront Centre

Woodbine Racetrack

Sous Bas (Hamilton)



Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique

Daniels Spectrum

Manifesto Festival

Eric Andre's Private Party @ Bambii


What kind of music do I play?

I like to play GOOD MUSIC.  Whether it's R&B, Electro, Hip Hop (old and new), Disco, Soulful House, Alternative, Classics, Pop, I find what we all may have in common and go from there.  When you book me, not only expect to hear good 'chunes' but expect to feel some infectious v i b e s that will make you want to dance and say 'WOOH'!


For DJ Bookings please contact:


Boutique DJ Booking Agency

Cleo Ellis | Partner

Email: cleo@luxelifetoronto.com Phone: 647-992-7953